Legacy Family Planning Preserves relationships & wealth


The Legacy Family Planners Association is a group of certified professionals, developing plans with their clients to create lasting wealth. This is the critical difference between leaving behind  destroyed families with loss of assets and upheaval or in leaving behind a lasting legacy where the family is informed, empowered and prepared.


Transform the Estate planning industry


Our mission is to inspire one million families to create a Legacy Family Plan.  Families are the smallest economic unit of society. Join the revolution to build strong families, strong nations, and together, we can change the world. 




Certification Program

Unique Business Opportunity

The Legacy Family Planners Certification Program, certifies you as an expert in the industry. This allows you to add services to an existing business or start your own business.

Professional designation

Grow your business

Upon successful completion of the program, you can proudly display your certification badge and are eligible to display your company name and contact information on our network of certified planners. 


Community Access

Learn, grow and support

Join other professionals in a private community for best practices, quick tips, and resources to grow and support your business.

Business resources

Professional tools & resources

Access to business development education and marketing tools, client worksheets and assessments as well as discounts on continuing education.